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Hi, my name is Sylvia, I am a blogger and content creator as well as a mother of two beautiful little humans.
My journey with sight loss started in childhood and has progressed as I have gotten older. Particularly, I would say there has been a steep decline since I became a mother.

Although I was registered with Severe Sight Impairment over 12 years ago, I did not get my first white cane until about 5 years ago, when I was assigned the symbol cane (the short cane).

I remember being extremely self-conscious during my mobility training, but my mobility officer was extremely understanding and supported me very well during this process.

Two years later, I suffered a severe flare-up, and lost all functional sight for over a month.
This was when I was given the long cane, and trained in using it.

Through my experience during this time, I became more self-aware, and had to face the full implications of my disability, and just how much my independence can be impacted.

I then shifted my perspective, that carrying my cane would display a vulnerability to it being “my weapon” and strength as my mobility officer had put it.

With this mobility aid, I regained my independence. I could safely do the school run, go to the shops, socialise, essentially do anything I would have otherwise not have been confident to do. I even devised a way to use it whilst carrying my cheeky toddler and holding my older son’s hand!

Using my white cane has been so freeing! I am now so proud of it, as it has enabled me
to be the best version of myself.

Your perceived weakness is truly your strength.

Happy White Cane Safety Day. Why not share your story about what your cane has enabled you to do.

Sylvia Chengo

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