BAME Vision FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions About BAME

BAME Vision FAQs consist of all Frequently Asked Questions about BAME, Eye Healthcare, sight loss and about future plans.

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BAME Vision FAQs

Why it is a topic of interest to BaME Vision?

BAME Vision is on a mission to address the inequalities experienced by blind and partially sighted people and those at risk of sight loss from BAME and ethnically diverse communities.

Some information on the history of Eye health.

BAME Communities make up 8.1 million people of the U.K. of which a high proportionate of people are blind or partially sighted and there is still a vast amount of people at risk of sight loss who are unaccounted for.

BAME Vision achievements around Eye Health

BAME Vision is collaboration with BRAVO Victor to carry out research into the experiences of people with visual impairment in ethnic minority groups.

Eye health week webinars

Understanding Retinitis Pigmentosa weiner Held a talk with Harrow EKTA around Eye Health

Our future plans around eye health.

"Our vision is for people from BAME communities to have access to information and resources in a variety of accessible formats. An environment where blind or partially sighted people are accepted in everyday life with increasing opportunities to make fulfilling life choices."
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