BAME Vision Resources | Videos, Text, Webinars About Eye Health

BAME Vision Resources include videos, text, webinars about Eye healthcare awareness, sight loss and visual impairment. Being told you have a visual impairment that can’t be treated can be difficult to come to terms with.
Some people go through a process similar to bereavement, where they experience a range of emotions including shock, anger, and denial, before eventually coming to accept their condition. BAME Vision supports you throughout your jorney and provide useful information about Eye healthcare. If you’re blind or partially sighted, you may be referred to a specialist low-vision clinic, which is often located within a hospital. Staff at the clinic can help you understand your condition and come to terms with your diagnosis. Meet the BAME Vision team.

Video resources

Disability History Month - Disability, Childhood and Youth webinar

Black History Month - Breaking Down Barriers webinar

Krishna Seshasayee - Celebrating Blind & Partially Sighted Fathers Part 2

Talat Hussain - Celebrating Blind and Partially Sighted Partners Part 2

Digital Eyecare - National Eye Health Week Webinar 6

Driving & Your Vision - National Eye Health Week Webinar 5

Eye on Mental Health - Webinar 3 - NEHW

Live Well, See Well Webinar 4 - NEHW

1. NHS Eyecare & Support Webinar 1 – NEHW

2. Myopia & Me Webinar 2 – NEHW

Dr Sylvanus Effiom - Celebrating blind & partially sighted fathers part 2

"A vision through creativity - disability pride month"


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