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BAME VISION collaborating with BRAVO VICTOR on RESEARCH on the experiences of people from minority ethnic groups living with visual impairment

LONDON, UK, 24 February, 2022.  BRAVO VICTOR are excited to announce our collaboration with BAME Vision.  BAME Vision is on a mission to address the inequalities experienced by blind and partially sighted people and those at risk of sight loss from BAME communities.

BRAVO VICTOR will conduct a piece of research to understand the current knowledge and identify gaps in research relating to the experiences of people from minority ethnic groups living with visual impairment in the UK.

Bhavini Makwana, Chair of BAME Vision explained “Our vision is for people from BAME communities to have access to information and resources in a variety of accessible formats. An environment where blind or partially sighted people are accepted in everyday life with increasing opportunities to make fulfilling life choices.  BRAVO VICTOR’s research experience in this field is second to none and will help us identify areas of further research required to make the significant impact in the BAME communities”

BRAVO VICTOR’s Nikki Heinze, who is leading this research said “Like so many things, fully understanding a problem is key to establishing a plan to fix it.  There is existing evidence of an increased risk of visual impairment and certain eye conditions in different ethnic groups which warrants focus and may require different interventions to address their needs.  I look forward to delivering the findings to BAME Vision in due course”

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